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We analyze what worked and what did not for your company in the past. We study the competitors in depth - their products, services and public behavior. With the data available we outline your unique items and how benefit your company authenticity in the best way possible. Based on the analysis we discuss together ideas for improvement and we develop a personalized strategy for your business.

Your company history and messages must be properly communicated to the target audience. That is why we create the content according to the specifics of every platform, the audience in it and the intended goals. We provide you with content for discussion and approval at the beginning of each month.

Every month we prepare a report on our activities and important statistics from the platforms. We include progress milestones.

We choose the appropriate social networks and online communities for your business. We outline the specific key performance indicators we will aim toward in each channel.

We monitor the publications performance and their relevance every day. Respond to comments and questions when needed.

Our mission is to take care of the image and popularization of your business. To achieve high results, we apply best practices, follow the algorithms changes and updates on social networks. Accordingly, we propose changes and improvements to the strategy.


We are a team of experts with extensive experience in social media marketing, PR consulting and content creating. We are eager to bring an innovative approach and creativity to the world of online and offline presence. We live and breathe on the internet, trying out and putting into practice new strategies in digital marketing. We make sure that each customer receives quality and individual solutions to grow their business and communicate effectively with their customers.







✅ Started working at @SocialYou in 2014.


Professional experience and education in Public Relations.


Creative content virtuoso for social media.


Likes: #books, #food, #techjunkie

✅ Founded @SocialYou in 2013.

Professional experience and education in Journalism and International Relations.

Specializes in:
#DigitalMarketing at @UAL, London.
#DecisionMaking at @HBS, Boston.

#yoga, #travelling
#YesChange IdeasReality


✅ Started working at @SocialYou in 2013.

Professional experience and education in Public Relations.

Master of Photoshop and Social Networking.

Love: #sports, #goodfood #goodlife, #rhose, #chocolate, #many Laugh


(Manager, Digital and Social Media)


(Marketing Communications Manager)



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